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Dakota Wed

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 When I started this idea I (as well as all of you i'm sure) was a new bride to be with the ambition of creating the best and most memorable wedding ever. Weddings are great, but everything that leads up to that special day wasn't so great. I was so overwhelmed and stressed I didn't think I could do it. As I planned my wedding I began talking to friends, searching the Internet, and joining wedding blogs. Still it began to be too much for me. The two things that everyone I talked to said was, "I wish someone would give me my dream wedding so I don't have to deal with the hassle." And second. "I wish I could find everything in one place." Right then was when I began to brain storm and make an affordable place to find everything for that special day. 



  If you are located in the North Dakota area, we have caterors, cake decorators and bakers. Right now we are working with vendors to find everything from beautiful wedding dresses to table linens. We are still in the begining stages so any and all input is helpful. Tell us what you need or would like to find and we'll do our best to find it for y